About me

I have been working with wood for years. I built my first tree house when I was 11 years old.

While in Jr. High School, like most boys, I enjoyed my time in the school’s wood shop. I made a few small items but mostly made large pieces of wood into small ones (my wife says I do a lot of that now).

When I was a teenager I learned a lot about home repairs and general fix-it through my family business of rental maintenance. But I always enjoyed the carpentry work the most.

I dreamed of a home workshop, and 7 years ago I built my shop. It’s hard to find a more relaxing time than “shop time”. Although, with my duties as part-time coach, (whatever sport is in season), and my full-time duties as husband and dad, there isn’t an abundance of time.

My “shop time” is special to me (even though “shop time” is usually 10 am till ???). I enjoy the time with my kids, but I still look forward to “shop time”.

Before I uploaded my web site to the internet I was doing a few shows a year and offered my work in some gift shops in my area. The internet has given me a way to show my “goodies” to people anytime.

Since I started on the internet in mid April ’99 I’ve shipped my work to 47 states and 22 foreign countries. (as of 2-22-02)

Interestingly, the most popular page on this site by far is the page about wood identification. It seem a lot of people need a reference with which to Id wood!

You can read all about my home state, North Carolina in a long post I wrote about its early history, industry, and tourism.

I have no desire to sell a million of anything on my web site but I’m having a lot of fun making big pieces into little ones.

You can read more about woodworking here: http://www.finewoodworking.com