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Wood Yo-yos

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Wood Yo-yos

Wooden YoYos

Hand turned, Hand crafted one of a kind yo-yo

  • One of a kind collectable wooden yo-yo
  • Each yo-yo is a unique design and has excellent balance and weight, each yoyo comes with 1 string ready for tricks.
  • Yo-Yo has a threaded steel center for easy string change and long sleep time.
  • Yo-yos are made from beautiful figured woods from around the world
  • Each Yo-Yo has a high gloss non-toxic finish – adds a touch of class to a classic wooden toy.
  • Yo-yos are approx. 2 1/4″ diameter.

About North Carolina

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About North Carolina

Image courtesy of Mark Clifton 

North Carolina Early History

At the time of the first European contact, North Carolina was inhabited by a number of native tribes sharing some cultural traits. The major tribes were: The Cherokee were located in the mountains on the western boundaries of the state. Located primarily in the Piedmont area, or central portion, of the state ,were the Cape Fear, Catawba, Cheraw, Sugaree, Waccamaw, Wateree and Waxhaw. The tribes represented the southernmost extension of Northeastern Woodlands were located entirely in the tidewater area of the state. These were the Chowan, Hatteras, Pamlico, Secotan, and Weapomeoc.